Hi, I'm J!

Here's why I created VBA Basics

One of my objectives at Power Spreadsheets is to create a training system that starts at the beginning (a 101) and takes you to a high level of understanding.

I created VBA Basics to help you through the beginning stages of learning about, and working with, the most basic VBA constructs.

A Free Course to Get You Started with VBA

Make the most of your experience

VBA Basics was designed to help aspiring VBA users learn about the most basic VBA constructs and start using them when working with VBA code.

  • When does the Course start? Whenever it's good for you!
  • How long is the Course? The Course is self-paced. However, I suggest you plan 3 weeks to complete it. After you register for the Course, I'll send you the 14 Email Lessons over the next couple of weeks (1 Lesson per day, Monday through Friday).

Take Your First Easy Steps

Learn how to work with VBA

In 14 comprehensive Lessons, you'll learn:

  1. How to create procedures which, as you learn in this Course, are the rough (programming) equivalent of macros.
  2. The basic structure and components of a VBA statement.
  3. How to identify and refer to the elements of the Excel application you want to manipulate.
  4. How to manipulate the Excel Application and its elements.
  5. How to work with cell references, expressions and operators in VBA.
  6. How to work more efficiently with the data you manipulate.
  7. How to make different macros work together.
  8. How to pass data between macros (from one macro to another).
  9. How to work with functions in VBA.
  10. How to create your own custom functions.
  11. How to make decisions and proceed one way (or another) depending on whether a condition is met.
  12. How to repeat a set of actions with VBA.
  13. How to create macros that are executed automatically upon an event occurring.

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